Special Events

Inversions, Transitions and Progressions with Kylie Harris

June 16
Inversions, Transitions and Progressions with Kylie Harris
Are you wanting to progress your inversion practice?
Are you wanting to move away from the wall and gain confidence inverting in the centre of the room?
Are you wanting to learn how to transition from standing poses or arm balances into inversions?
Are you wanting to have fun playing upside down?
Then join Kylie on Sat, June 16 @ The Yoga Corner for Inversion Transitions and Progressions.
Gain confidence, a sense of play, the skills and the knowledge to progress your inversions and transition with ease.

Time: 11am-1pm

Cost: $60

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June Beginners Course

June 23 & 24
June Beginners Course

Wanting to give yoga a go but but not sure where to start?

Or you have been to a few classes but want to know more about

the fundamentals of yoga before furthering your practice?

Come join us for our June beginners course, where you will learn the fundamentals of yoga, including breathing & meditation techniques, breakdowns on standing, seated poses and more!

Sat & Sun 11-1pm

Investment: $75 (mat rental included)

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Mini Urban Retreat with Neal Ghoshal

June 30
Mini Urban Retreat with Neal Ghoshal
In this mini retreat Neal offers a space to take time out of your normal schedule and spend a few delicious hours resting and relaxing.
You will discover easy practices that can profoundly release shoulder and neck tension and ease back pain. The session will also include Restorative Yoga practices as well as iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Open to all levels – students, teachers, and anyone interested in Yoga, meditation, kindness and self care.

Sat, June 30



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40 Days of Winter Wellness

June 4 - July 13
40 Days of Winter Wellness

40 Days of Winter Wellness – Yoga & Meditation practice, Healthy eating and Mindfulness.

How it works:

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation practice – in the studio(s) or at your desired space (a 5-10min video will be sent to your inbox each Monday to keep you motivated!)
  • Healthy eating – start your day with a glass of warm lemon water (provided at the studio) and include a juice or smoothie in your daily diet to detox the body (a weekly recipe will be sent to you)
  • Mindfulness – Reflect on the changes you’ve noticed in your body and mind each day through journaling.


$225 or ($274 with Mindfully Me Journal)

$215 Student or ($264 Student with Mindfully Me Journal)

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One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker (Waiting List)

June 8-10
One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker  (Waiting List)

Explore your well-being through Annis amazing energy work. A in-depth look into the energy fields (Chakras) in your body, Annis can unblock and realign these energy fields, which will help support you in all aspects of your life.

Down to earth and to the point, Annis analysis and treatment of the human condition is uncanny, effective and long lasting.

We’ll be happy to share with you more of what to expect from this unique healing experience.

For more information and booking, please call the studio: 09 529 0999 or email:  info@theyogacorner.co.nz

Date: June 8-10

Cost: $100 (60 minutes one on one consultation) (Pre Payment Required)

Session bookings always go quick, please contact the studio to book your appointment as soon as possible!