Special Events

Shamanic Sound Journey with Maren Lander

July 30
Shamanic Sound Journey with Maren Lander

Join Maren on this Shamanic Sound Journey using the sacred gong, drums and other instruments in order to restore harmony in your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

In a Shamanic Sound Journey we work with the power of intention, which will be carried through the sound. Using sound through voice, harmonics and rhythm is one of the oldest forms of healing. Each organism and everything in the Universe has its own unique frequency.

Sound effects every single cells of our body. Through listening to a specific rhythm, e.g. drum beat or gong vibrations, we can slow our brain waves down to a Theta state, which we usually only achieve in a deep state of meditation.

Everyone is welcome.

A wonderful, restorative way to end your weekend.

Date: July 30, Sunday 6.30 – 7.45pm

Cost: $25

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Aspects of Subtle Form – Yin Yoga workshop with Amber Wilson

August 12
Aspects of Subtle Form – Yin Yoga workshop with Amber Wilson

In this 2 hours Yin worksop, Amber will teach aligning the physical with the subtle form. Subtle anatomy taps into the body beneath the conceptual mind, so we can’t ‘think’ our way to experiencing it, but rather can gain access through our imagination.

Learning to practice in this way engenders a healthy asana practice and when the physical and subtle forms are aligned the nervous system becomes primed for meditation – the ultimate doorway toward liberating us from habitual patterns of body, heart and mind.

August 12 Saturday

1.00 – 3.30pm


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Bit more about Amber Wilson:

Amber has been a student of Yoga since 1991. She trained as a teacher in Iyengar based Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga in the US, where she lived for many years and where she met her principal teachers, Richard Freeman and Sarah Powers.

Her training also includes in-depth study of Buddhist meditation and philosophy and although she focuses predominantly on her own practice, when she teaches she draws from all these disciplines.


The 40-Day Challenge

July 31 - Sep 8
The 40-Day Challenge

Don’t we all like bit of a challenge every now and then? Better still if you are gonna come out feeling all brand new on the other end!!

Or maybe you been wanting to shake off those winter layers and get into the summer body shape. Well, maybe this is your answer.

Our popular 40 day challenge is on again from .

What does it take?
30 classes in 40 days
5 minutes meditation/quiet time to yourself everyday (very important).
A balanced diet
What are the rewards?
A better you
Every yogi who completes the challenge receives a FREE WEEK of UNLIMITED YOGA!
Into the draw win $100 worth of Courage My Love voucher!
Cost: your current membership or Special 40-Day Membership $225 (Student $185)

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Inversion workshop with Kylie Harris

July 29
Inversion workshop with Kylie Harris

Always curious of what the upside world is like?

Or maybe you always want to conquer your fear of being upside down?

Join Kylie in this 2 hours workshop, you will learn the fundamentals, plus tips and techniques to take your practice further.

More importantly, gain confidence playing on your hands and come away with skills you can practice on your own!

July 29

10.30 – 12.30pm


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Limited spaces available so contact The Yoga Corner to book your spot early!!

One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker

July 28 - 30
One on One Energy Work with Annis Parker

Explore your well-being through Annis amazing energy work. A in-depth look into the energy fields (Charkras) in your body, Annis can unblock and realign these energy fields, which will help support you in all aspects of your life.

Down to earth and to the point, Annis analysis and treatment of the human condition is uncanny, effective and long lasting.

We’ll be happy to share with you more of what to expect from this unique healing experience.

For more information and booking, please call the studio: 09 529 0999 or email info@theyogacorner.co.nz

Date: July 28-30

Cost: $100 (60 minutes one on one consultation) (Pre Payment Required)

Session bookings always go quick, so book as soon as possible!