Angie Gaebler

Angie has practiced different types of yoga on and off since she was 15 years old. When she was introduced to Power Vinyasa in London 5 years ago, she knew that this was something special – the movement, the music, the variety! She not only became addicted to practicing Power Vinyasa, but decided that she wanted to teach it as well. Angie completed her teacher training 2 years ago, at The Power Yoga Company in London.

Angie’s classes are varied and dynamic, with strong adjustments and plenty of soul. She teaches from the heart, and truly believes that meditation is a ‘life-essential’. She brings this across in her classes with a strong focus on breath and body awareness, and is constantly encouraging her students to grow & explore, while at the same time creating a sanctuary where students can find peace on their mats.

Angie enjoys breaking down the more difficult asana to make them accessible for students of every level, and she themes her classes depending on what is going on in her life, and in the world around her. She also believes that yoga is a never-ending practice, and therefore as a teacher she must always continue to learn and grow herself.