Bella Bowkett

Here is little more about Bella yoga journey:

‘ Yoga has been a quiet presence that has woven itself through my life since I was a teenager. There have been many times in my life adventures where I strayed from a regular practice but I always seemed to find my way back to the mat, a place where I have always felt a sense of home.

For me, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that keeps me connected and grounded within myself, to others and the universe. It allows me to investigate and explore the body, breath and mind connection.

Curiosity about what is beyond asana (the physical practice) led me to complete my 200-hour Teacher Training at Om in 2018 and then later that year, completed a 50 hour Yin, Meridians & Mindfulness module. Developing my personal practice, attending classes across a variety of styles, continuing my teacher education and learning from my students along the way, are all hugely important aspects in my growth as both a teacher and student of yoga.

From my experiences as a practitioner, teacher training and the incredible journey of learning and self-discovery the yoga pathway has shown me thus far, doors have opened and I feel full of gratitude to now share that passion with others.

Being new to teaching, I aim for my classes to be an opportunity for exploration, fun, and connection within an inclusive, supportive space.

I’m inquisitive about the connection between what is learned whilst on the mat and how that is related to daily life. My daily life is wonderful and full, I am wife to Cary, Mumma to two beautiful boys, Tom and Finn and my gorgeous dog, Tui, who all keep me entertained! Yoga helps me stay present, honest and full of gratitude for this blessed life. ‘