Chantelle Pemberton

A little more about Chantelle yoga journey so far:

‘Yoga is my second passion. My first is sharing its wonderful benefits. Through guiding and teaching yoga I can share my passion. I care about people and their wellness. My background is as a registered nurse specialising in the cardiac theatres for paediatrics – Starship.

There are times in life that medical interventions can help us to heal both mentally and physically when we experience illness. And there are other times when a more natural approach is yearned for. More and more people are reaching out for natural energy and health. Yoga is beautiful as a pathway to a healthy mind, body and spirit and has been an instrument to lead me to live a healthy lifestyle. The unfoldment of the best YOU that yoga promotes has enabled me to go beyond just looking after myself with an urge to promote awareness in our community and help others to enrich their lives. And to realise that life is wonderful. And it’s up to us to create the life we desire to live.

We are the architect of our lives. What we put in our mind is what we attract into our life. Let’s start with a mantra that ”I am going to attract high vibration people into my life to stimulate me to be (more) successful and live in abundance.” Join me and lets blossom together.

My deepest gratitude to you for spending your time to read this. I look forward to meeting you and to be able to guide you in the near future.’