Cristen Poole

Cristen has been practicing yoga for over ten years now, and she still finds herself learning new things in yoga and facing new challenges to overcome. It’s a lifetime journey that she relishes and looks forward to.

Cristen decided to try her first yoga class in university and after that yoga instantly became a part of her life. Yoga just felt so good!!

As she continued practicing and learning more about yoga during her university years, yoga slowly permeated many faucets of her life in beautiful ways. During her later university years, she started going to a class of a dear yoga teacher, which touched her so much and helped her through a tougher time in life. She looked forward the challenging yet soft, relaxing classes with kind and wise words intertwined. It was then that Cristen decided one day she would aspire to touch people the way this teacher did for her with yoga. There ignited her passion for yoga and becoming a yoga instructor.

Cristen later lived abroad in Latin America, Europe, Indonesia and Australia continuing her practice in all these places. In 2014, she did her teacher training, specializing in Power Vinyasa, in Cape town, South Africa with one of the original founders of the popular Core Power Yoga franchise in the United States.

Cristen loves how yoga can open and transform one’s life as well as help to be aware of one’s body, and she wants to share that with all who come to her classes. She says, ‘I started yoga mainly for the exercise and stretching but have been unexpectedly touched by it in so many other ways, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I tell people to just try one class; that is all it takes to want a bit more yoga.” Cristen believes yoga speaks to each of us differently and at different times depending on our circumstances and stage in life. However, it brings us all closer together as humanity, to the heart, to the moment, and to connection. She hopes to bring all her students in her classes a moment of awareness, of spoken truth, of joy and of that warm and fuzzy peaceful feeling. She happily looks forward to helping people learn and grow in the exercise and art of yoga.