Jessica Birks

Jessica spent 4 years deepening her practice before leaving the corporate world and devoting her career to teaching and sharing her passion with others.

Jessica trained for 200 hours in Rishikesh, India and is in the middle of 300 hours in Auckland, New Zealand with The School of Embodied Flow.  Jessica uses free movement, asana, meditation, visualisation, philosophy, psychology, verbal expression, and science as technologies for acquiring a deep sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form.  She aims to deliver her students with a sense of agency as they discover their own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow.  Jessica’s philosophy is rooted deeply in the ancient style of Tantra. She does not look to “leave” her body but like the rest of nature use it as an expression of Shakti and considers her body as the primary vehicle for connecting to the divine. The non- dual nature of Tantric metaphysics offers her life affirming, world affirming and a human body appreciating philosophy, which also reinvigorates her love for Goddess worship and women empowerment.  Practice with Jessica to get out of the thinking mind and move into the flowing body whether it be Yin or Vinyasa, leave feeling embodied with your deepest sense of self.