John Sinclair

John has been practising yoga for 20 years, and teaching for the last 5 years.  His goal as a teacher is to help people use yoga to achieve deep transformation at all levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
“Yoga is for every body, every mind and every spirit.  I love it when students discover greater mental clarity, as well as the increased flexibility they were seeking; or they acquire a stronger sense of life purpose and friendship towards their bodies, as well as the increased strength and balance they were looking for.  It’s a physical practice that offers something for every body, and if you want it to it can morph into a spiritual practice that’s transformative in a very natural, ‘un-spiritual’ way.”
In addition to teaching at Hot Yoga Auckland, John teaches regularly at two Auckland prisons, and is working to establish yoga practice throughout the criminal justice system as a tool for helping prisoners heal themselves, confront the issues that drive their offending and chart a sustainable path towards rehabilitation.  “Hurt people hurt people; while healed people heal people”.
John trained at the Hot Yoga studio in Wellington, has trained with James Fox of the Prison Yoga Project in San Francisco, and is now working towards a 500-hour yoga teacher qualification, through Power Living Australia.
When he’s not teaching yoga, John reviews fiction for Metro magazine, dabbles in management consulting, works on his second novel and is parent to an almost-teenage son.