Keli Dierings

Keli is completely passionate about Yoga. Since the first posture and the first breath she fell in love with it.
Four years ago Keli started her own practice and she has recently decided to take her passion to the next level. In an effort to advance her trainings in 2014, she has travelled to Bali and received her Yoga Teacher qualification YTT200.

‘Through Yoga I have discovered the best of  me. It is an incredible feeling that I belong to something bigger than what I really am. I also believe that we as humans are capable of exploring our bodies and mind through Yoga and meditation; taking our spirits higher with the limitless possibilities of energy and connection between human body, spirit, mind and the entire Universe.’

To help others with their Yoga journey is Keli’s biggest passion.

Keli has always loved working with fitness, health and wellbeing. She’s worked in the fitness industry since 2007 as a PT and multiple group training, but to teach Yoga is her purpose and drive. To help others to look after their bodies, understanding their mind and to learn how to enjoy their unique journey that is what Keli purely enjoys doing.

‘I believe in love, I believe in peace, I believe in a better place for everyone. I also believe in exploring life energised, fun filled and healthy.’